Interface: Reno Field Equipment - RTC Washoe County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment

Reno Field Equipment to RTC Washoe County Connected Vehicle Roadside Equipment Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

barrier system status  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Current operating status of barrier systems. Barrier systems represent gates, barriers and other automated or remotely controlled systems used to manage entry to roadways. Status of the systems includes operating condition and current operational state.

environmental sensor data  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Current road conditions (e.g., surface temperature, subsurface temperature, moisture, icing, treatment status) and surface weather conditions (e.g., air temperature, wind speed, precipitation, visibility) as measured and reported by fixed and/or mobile environmental sensors. Operational status of the sensors is also included.

intersection control status  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Status data provided by the traffic signal controller including phase information, alarm status, and priority/preempt status.

mixed use crossing status  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Current pedestrian and other mixed use crossing information including an indication of whether the call button has been activated, the current state of the mixed use crossing signal, and information indicating whether non–motorized users are currently occupying the cross walk.

roadway dynamic signage status  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Current operating status of dynamic message signs, highway advisory radios, or other configurable field equipment that provides dynamic information to the driver.

vehicle signage local data  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Information provided by adjacent field equipment to support in–vehicle signing of dynamic information that is currently being displayed to passing drivers. This includes the dynamic information (e.g., current signal states, grade crossing information, local traffic and road conditions, detours, advisories, parking availability, etc.) and control parameters that identify the desired timing, duration, and priority of the signage data.

work zone warning notification  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Notification of a work zone emergency or safety issue. This flow identifies that a work zone emergency or safety issue has occurred so that warnings may be generated by more than one system in the work zone.